About Kappa CULTR

A three-day music festival unfolding against the iconic backdrop of Bolgatty Palace, this cultural celebration seamlessly weaves together music, art, and people with interactive activities, creating indelible memories for a lifetime. Our diverse lineup spans from Indie, jazz, fusion, disco, funk, house, techno & rap uniting various sounds under one exhilarating space - Kappa. Here, we celebrate the spirit of being "Same same, but different".

This cultural odyssey is meticulously crafted to leave lasting memories, resonating long after the final note fades away. During the day, the Movement Zone caters to adrenaline seekers with skateboarding, BMXing, and skimboarding – a major highlight that gracefully transitions as the evening unfolds. Our Chill Zones are for those who yearn for a more laid-back and relaxed experience.

CULTR from the house of Kappa is a multi-sensory journey where every moment, beat, and expression converges to craft a unique experience. Join us to celebrate the differences, as we present a cultural movement that embraces diversity, creativity, and the vibrant heartbeat of beings.

#Witness the intersection of various art forms, styles, and cultures, creating an environment where creativity knows no boundaries.

#Participate in talks and interactive sessions that cater to diverse interests, providing a well-rounded festival experience.

#Join fellow music and art enthusiasts in a lively and inclusive atmosphere that celebrates the spirit of creativity and expression.