An electrifying three day adventure with Kappa CULTR beckons you! A music festival set against the iconic backdrop of Bolgatty Palace, this transcendent event goes beyond the confines of a typical music festival, propelling you into a revolutionary celebration where music, art, and immersive experiences collide, liberating you from the shackles of the mundane. An eclectic lineup that traverses indie vibes, jazz fusion, heart-pounding techno, and exhilarating rap will unfurl on two dedicated stages.

As the sun bathes the day in warmth, brace yourself for the ultimate thrill in the Movement Zone, where skateboarding, BMXing, and skimboarding command the spotlight. For those seeking a more laidback escape, our specially crafted Chill Zones are your haven. Engage in friendly gaming and submerge yourself in an oasis tailored for life enthusiasts. Join us in reshaping the festival narrative as we embrace diversity, authenticity, and being different.


An acoustic adventure like never before is set to shake up Bolgatty Palace! Our festival offers indie vibes, jazz fusion grooves, pulsating techno beats, and mind blowing rap verses, featuring artists from India and beyond who have redefined the music scene. Witness the revolution as they light up the stage with unparalleled energy and musical prowess.


Check out our festival schedule for the upcoming music performances and activities. Plan your CULTR experience with ease.


Festival Highlights

Sonic Spectrum Exploration

Two dedicated stages featuring a diverse lineup of artists, blending sounds from across India and around the globe. Soak up a special 2-hour performance by a headlining artist every evening.

Intellectual Playground

Stimulate your mind with talks and interactive sessions covering diverse interests, providing a well rounded and enlightening festival experience.

A Unique Shopping Experience

Discover a realm of fashion, culinary treasures, and one-of-a-kind stalls at our curated market.

Engage and Energize

Unleash the child within, at our Engagement Zones, with skateboarding, BMX, board gaming, and more. Watch as Flow artists expertly showcase their skills, culminating in a unique experience.

Inclusive Creative Haven

Witness the convergence of various art forms, styles, and cultures, creating an environment where creativity finds sync, as we unite with music, art and beings.

Festival Rules

Stay informed! Read our festival rules before you go. Enjoy the music responsibly and make the most of your festival experience. DOWNLOAD


Move and let go at CULTR with our lineup of extraordinary performers and dance crews bringing a fusion of styles and experiences to the stage. Witness dance battles with performers adept in Breaking, Popping, House, Locking, Hip-Hop, and more. Together, let us celebrate the CULTR of movement.



Explore a melting pot of cultures at CULTR 2024, curated by superstars in their respective domains. From fashion, dance, food, board games, slacklining, and skateboarding – all communities connect and thrive here, creating a grand celebration of music, art, and togetherness. Join us in this extravagant CULTR that transcends all boundaries.


Go ahead and secure your ticket to this extraordinary journey! Join us in embracing the unparalleled value of belonging and make the decision to be a part of something truly special.


(Admit 1) - 3days
  • Entry for one person valid on 08, 09 and 10th March
  • Kids (0-12 yrs) entry free

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(Admit 2) - 3days
  • Entry for two people valid on 08, 09 and 10th March
  • Kids (0-12yrs) entry free

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(Admit 4) - 3days
  • Entry for Group of 4 valid on 08, 09 and 10th March
  • Kids (0-12yrs) entry free

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Single Day

(Admit 1) - 1 day
  • Entry for one person valid only for one Day
  • Kids (0-12yrs) free entry

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On-ground Activities

CULTR 2024 is hosting a kaleidoscope of acts, featuring a lineup of distinctive artists who express themselves in various ways and excel in different skills. From poets and painters to caricature artists, braiding experts, calligraphers, and more, ground yourself in a culture of unbound self-expression.